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  Neighborhood surveys, test anticipation, Ad perpetuam rei memoriam  
 Stima also provides services involving neighborhood inspection reports. The neighboring survey report can also be called inspection report for early production of tests or Ad perpetuam rei memoriam certificate.

The legal requirement of neighborhood inspection is implicitly indicated in the City Statute, Law 10257, of July 10, 2001, which establishes previous neighborhood impact studies.

This type of report aims at showing at a certain date the real situation of the buildings which exist in the vicinity of a future undertaking.

Currently in big cities the replacement of the majority of old buildings for newer and larger constructions is visible. Taking this fact in consideration, it is important that before the beginning of a project, whether it is the demolition of existing buildings, excavations or execution of foundations for the construction of buildings, tunnels, streets, avenues, galleries, etc. an inspection should be carried out in each surrounding property (internally and externally) to check their real physical state. This report has two purposes: to ensure the stability and livability of the properties, indicating whenever appropriate, the adoption of preventive measures, and to have a documented technical registration of the property, in order to guide future recomposition in the event of the emergence of previously nonexistent physical data.

According to the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas) ABNT - NBR 12.722 – Service breakdown for building construction, it is necessary to carry out preliminary surveys. The norm states:

Whenever it is necessary to safeguard the interests of neighboring properties surrounding the worksite (or public areas) because of foundations to be made, excavations, landfills, shoring and stabilization systems, lowering of the water sheet, temporary or definitive services to be performed, an inspection should be undertaken by a trained professional, which will result in the following elements:

a) location plant of all the adjacent buildings and areas, as well as all the non-adjacent areas likely to suffer damage because of project execution;

b) descriptive report with all the details necessary for each case of foundation and stability of those buildings and areas, aside from the observation of any existing defects or damages they might present.

All the documents relating to the inspection must be approved by the stakeholders, and there should be a copy available for them. The registration of the report in a notary is not mandatory, but it is a practice followed by some of the contractors. When the reports are registered in a notary, the stated date of execution is official.

It is important to highlight that the neighbors are not forced to admit any inspection on their property, nor correct any abnormalities found during inspection. However, all eventual risk conditions of the building are recorded in the report.

Presentation of the Inspection Report

Finally, regarding the preparation of the Inspection Report, it should contain the information foreseen by NBR-13.753.
Interested party: indication of the person or entity who has contracted the work and the owner object of inspection.
Objectives: definition of the objectives of this inspection report, with the purpose of protecting future rights.
Requirements: met in the inspection according to item 4.3 of this standard.
Report and date of the inspection: it shall contain the information listed in item 5.2 of the standard, characterization of the region, physical features, public improvements, equipment and community services, usage potential, property features and its elements, brief description, number of floors, rooms, general condition, and apparent age. About the land lot and improvements, confirmation of damages, observed data, location or absence of defects, stability conditions of the building.
Blueprints or sketches with mapping of the damages.
Subsidies for clarification
Date and place of the inspection
Signature, name of the professional who carried out inspection, academic qualification and CREA registration number and registry number of institute where he/she is associated.
Attachments: photographs, sketches, ART form duly registered.
Meaning of Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

1. For perpetual memory of the fact; formula with which papal bulls related to doctrine are initiated or that appear in memorials, medals, etc.

2. Legal: In eternal memory of the event; IN PERPETUAM REI MEMORIAM: Make an ad perpetuam rei memoriam inspection. [Loc. us. Regarding the evidence or judicial inspection, it aims to protect a right to be proven in timely way in the records of the action proper.]

3. Legal: Care required and promoted in perpetuity, where there is concern that the evidence might disappear; for the perpetual memory of it.

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